Active WebToPrint for PimCore 5.1

Active WebToPrint is now available for PimCore 5.1 as a free and enterprise version.

With the arrival of PimCore 5, we wanted to propose an open-source version of our solution, under GPL license and with limited functionality, to allow everyone to try it.

It is now done and we propose a "Free" version allowing to create catalogs wireframes, associate products with the pages,  export them in PDF HD, etc...

The "Enterprise" version offers a large number of additional features such as automatic page numbering, the ability to move and resize the blocks that make up a product template, the automatic placement of products in pages from an Excel file, or the tree, etc ... All the features present in the previous version and more.

Our website is being updated and a "Download" section will be available soon. In the meantime, plugins are available on request.

A video presentation will be online in the coming days

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INSP!RE 2017: A huge success

Incredible, incredible... Dietmar Riesch, CEO of PimCore GmbH, concluded the presentation of the Active WebToPrint solution as part of the La Redoute project at the INSP!RE unconference in Salzburg on 28 & 29 September.

In addition to an exceptional welcome, in a magnificent, functional place and in front of more than 100 participants, PimCore partners, we have been selected to present the different functionalities of our plugins which have aroused great interest.

Many contacts have been made and several meetings are already planned with Polish, Italian, German companies ...

There is no doubt that even stronger links will be established between PimCore GmbH and Active Publishing.

Beyond the international visibility that this presentation gives to our solution, the various technical presentations on migration v4 / v5, the roadmap 2018 for example were rich teaching.

Thanks to PimCore, Dietmar and all the members of his team for the quality of the welcome, the equipment, the content, etc. It was an honor and a pleasure to participate in INSP!RE 2017

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La Redoute catalogs automated by PimCore and Active WebToPrint Plugins

La Redoute, the French leader in fashion and home shopping (10 million customers, present in 26 countries) chose Active Publishing to automate its catalogs.

Management of catalog wireframes, InDesign / EasyCatalog automation, languages and currencies by script (5 clicks and a few minutes to decline a catalog in X languages), bi-directional updates, etc ...

All the tools to optimize Print production processes to the maximum and offer end users a simple, user-friendly but above all efficient solution.

After an analysis of the existing, different tests, meetings and exchanges, we were able to set up a production workflow that responded to the needs of the various stakeholders and automated the maximum number of actions while securing the dynamic data.

After a first multilingual validation catalog, the solution is now deployed to all publications.

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Specialist in Print automation (Catalogs, flyers, brochures, guides ...), we have developed a global solution, based on PimCore, allowing product management (PIM), images and medias (DAM), E-Commerce sites, mailing ... (CMS) but most importantly production monitoring Print (Wireframes) and the creation of online publication (WebToPrint)

Thus, we automate all Print documents using InDesign, with the EasyCatalog plugin, connected to our WebToPrint platform and / or other data sources (Excel, XML, databases ...) or directly from your browser.

Active WebToPrint, a global solution that allows the creation of the brief or wireframe of your catalogs, automatic generation of pages in InDesign or directly in PDF format HD, with or without markers, and / or ICC profile, as well as production monitoring with, for example, the possibility of:

- Automaticly translate your products, articles...

- Offer your members, distributors personalized documents
- View generated pages in InDesign or Web2Print and their corrections
- Monitoring the production (pages, products, request and validation of corrections, BAT ...)
with differents widgets, graphs, reports ...
- Manage linked products, accessories, multiple trees ...
- Import, export, synchronize to or from Excel files, XML and the majority of ERP, CMS, PIM
- Notify service, collaborators of your requests
- Export your catalogs in digital format type "Flipbook"
- Generate automatically QR Codes, barcodes (EAN)
- Manage one or more sites, e-commerce or not, mailings, newsletters

Particularly suited to multilingual publications, our platform offers all the tools necessary to produce catalogs, guides, brochures ... whatever the channel of diffusion

Thus, the number of exchanges is reduced, the risk of errors greatly minimized, the times and costs of production decrease by at least 30% on average.

When we produce your documents you get all these features for free.

If you produce yourself, the solution is marketed in SaaS mode, from 199€/HT per month for 10 users and installer mode at 1 990€/HT without limits of pages or users.

Of course we accompany you in the installation, parameterization, training and support of users for all your projects.

Print Production

We make your catalogs?
The digital version,
hosted without pubs, offered
for each of your publications!

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InDesign / EasyCatalog

Reduces time and cost
of print production 30% on average
withe the automatic layout
No graphics limitations.

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Web To Print

Active Web2Print creates print publications
from your browser!
Drag / drop your products into the pages
and export them to PDF HD CMYK.

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Application for Print wireframe: Create your catalogs, including chapters, product pages, manual pages, covers, etc ... then simply drag / drop your products, ads or files into it or automatically generate the pages, by placing the products inside, from the product tree or an Excel file.

- Movable and resizable products, marks, magnetisms,
  Different product templates.
- Add, delete, move, copy pages, chapters
- Real-time preview (PDF) of pages, chapters, catalogs.
- Notes, versioning, dependencies, scheduling
- Customizable multilingual workflow for catalog production tracking,
   States, page lock, validation, notifications, automatic numerotation, etc ...

Make your catalogs wireframe before generating the pages automatically in InDesign, with datas updates, or export them directly to HD PDF with crop markers.



As a nice video is worth a thousand discour, we put at your disposal free demonstrations of tools for you or your customers.

Discover our plugins in action!

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Active WebToPrint integrates PDFreactor

In order to offer all the options necessary for the Print PDF Export, Active Publishing becomes a RealObjects partner and official reseller and we propose, now, the PDFreactor library to our customers who want to use, for example, Pantones, colors informations, blacks 100%, etc ...

Generated PDFs are not converted from RGB to CMYK but exported directly to CMYK. PDF Reactor allows the use of CMYK values in HTML templates.

All the PDF features exports, present in InDesign, are now available in Active WebToPrint.

PDFreactor Website

Partner & Official Reseller

Partner and official reseller EasyCatalog plugin for InDesign

Reduced rates from 5 licenses
Implementation of projects on all data sources

Training all levels
Support and documentation in English

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