Active Workflow
Multilingual Production Tracking

Apply reports to pages and notify collaborators and / or contractors

Create your page, product and / or image states, associate a color and a notification to each of these states.

Select one or more users if a validation, single or multiple, is required and validate.

If your project is multilingual, localized states are also configurable in the plugin states configuration interface.

From now on, users can be associated, rights rights, states on pages, chapters and catalogs as well as objects and / or media (photos, files, videos ...)

In a railroad or a short catalog, an outline of the color associated with the state appears around each page having an associated state as well as around the state button in edit mode.

For products and media, the status is visible only when editing or using custom reports and associated widgets.

Used with InDesign, connected to PimCore with EasyCatalog, the publications stores, or pages, can use these states to allow the generation of pages from certain states.

Tracking the production of files generated in InDesign, made from the exported PDF file.

Once generated, the piece posted on the platform and the users associated with the project are notified of its availability.

The functions of notes, highlights, etc ... native Acrobat Reader are used to make requests for corrections.

A report is associated with the file, which generates a notification to the studio so that it can make the requested corrections, update the file on the platform, etc.

We enter the usual centralized correction game on a single file. The versionning allows to visualize the file at any moment of its evolution, to check the requests for example, and the exchanges are centralized through the notifications.

Custom reports can track multiple documents, products, etc. from associated reports. These reports can be exported to Excel format and included in each user's personal area through widgets.

Available features:

Free and configurable multilingual states on products, documents and files
Automatic and / or manual notifications
Single or multi-level validation
Change History (Versioning)
Restore option in a previous state
Plugin available for PimCore v4 & v5 only