Weiss Chocolates

Weiss adopts PimCore and Active WebToPrint for the management of its Print / Web products and publications

In 1882, Eugène Weiss founded the Weiss chocolate factory and opened the first Weiss boutique in the city center of Saint-Étienne, still present today.

The brand has then constantly develop its offer and specialize in quality and original services (such as boxes in tribute to Charles Trenet in 1937).

Distinguished by the European Award of Excellence, it is in Japan and in Northern Europe that Weiss begins to establish itself before turning towards the United States while developing partnerships with great restaurants and hotels.

Present in several countries, Weiss consulted us in order to set up a platform allowing them to manage their products, and the various stages of its design (Ingredients, semi-finished products ...), connected to their ERP, for recover some data, enrich them, put them in shape before publishing them to their website (using webservices) but especially automatically generate multilingual recipe cards and their different publications (Catalogs, brochures)

The Active WebToPrint solution, associated with PimCore 4, allowed us to set up the various expected functionalities. Beyond publications, print & web, PIM settings, validation workflows and notifications, an important expectation is to consider certain calculated values ​​(nutritional values, for example) that vary depending on the ingredients that make up a product. a semi-finished product.

After a few months of implementation, tests and validations, we were able to meet the different expectations of the company Weiss and assist them in the implementation of the solution.

Trainings, user support, personalized perspectives, synchronizations, exports ... PimCore & Active WebToPrint allow the different services to have access to different data in order to enrich them and to propose easily and quickly contents, Web and Print, up to date, uniform and adapted.

Until now, recipe cards, catalogs and publications were done manually and traditionally using copying / pasting, a large number of emails and exchanges, deadlines, risks of errors, etc ...

Now, recipe cards are automatically generated in PDF format. The graphic charter has been redesigned to provide pleasant documents with good readability.
The workflow and the notifications make it possible to follow up production during the different stages of product or publication design. Multilingual versions are instantaneous, marketing data, images and media are centralized for all distribution channels, considerably reducing the exchanges, the production times, the risks of error while ensuring a uniformity, website / publication, complete.