Plugins for Pimcore v5 & v6

More than just an integrator

Rather than offer different solutions, depending on the needs, we only work with PimCore
to which we bring new features that allow the management of Print documents,
connected to InDesign or to export directly to HD PDF with markers.


This allows us to guarantee you very competitive deadlines and costs.
because our teams have a perfect command of the architecture and functionality of PimCore
and have developed the necessary tools for setting up projects,
especially at the level of import / synchronization of data and front offices,
which avoid a lot of specific developments.

Plugins available for PimCore from v3 to v5

Active Web2Print

Complete production solution Print,
including all our plugins, with InDesign/ EasyCatalog and WebToPrint automatic layout

WireFrame:  Print Wireframes publications

Paginate: Automatically placing products
in pages

Notify: Notifications, manual or automatic, integrating the PimCore workflow

Hub: Import, Export, Synchronize from or to
any data source

FileAdvanced: Check the quality of images uploaded to the platform

Search: Search engine including tags

Active Wireframe

PimCore plugin to manage
the wireframes of your publications Print.

Management chapters, page templates
Automatic numbering
WIreframe & double page preview
Preview PDF
Change History, Restore
States of pages, production monitoring
Automatic generation of pages in InDesign
Update in real time, notes, multilingual ...

All the tools to manage
your publications Print
and follow up production.

Active Paginate

Generate the briefs of your catalogs,
by automatically placing products
in pages from an Excel file
or one level of the tree.

Automatic generation of pages,
column management, different graphical shapes by level (Lines / sub-lines / products ...)

Add, delete, move pages & chapters,
page management of guards
with graphic change

Active WireFrame is necessary
to use this plugin

Active Search

Full-Text Search "User Friendly"

Filters Management:
Types (Classes)

Filters on results
Grouped Actions (Delete, Publish, Edit) with user and groups rights integration

Active BAT

Make corrections requests on the pages generated with InDesign and Easycatalog.

Tools notes, highlighting, adding text, frame, pencil, undo / redo.

After making the correction requests, the proofreaders only have to change the status of the page or chapter (To be corrected, for example) so that a notification is automatically sent to the graphic designers in charge of the document.

The versionning of PimCore allows, then, to control the different versions of the generated pages and to make sure that all the corrections have been taken care of.

Active Resellers

Automate the generation
declensions of publications
with automatic black datas
(address, logo, phone, etc ...) for your members, resellers, stores, etc ...

Make a brief and place (automatically or manually) products, pdf, texts, etc ... in the pages.

Define the editable areas (products and / or produced fields), select the members to decline publication and validate.

The publication is then decline, the data of the members (address, logo, phone, etc ...) are placed automatically and each member is automatically notified of the availability of a publication for him. After customization, a validation request is made. If the document is validated, it becomes unmodifiable.

Personal space for members,
resellers, etc ... for modifying information to dynamically place.

Active FileAdvanced

Pimcore control plugin for uploaded images.

To control somes parameters
when filing images and refuse, displaying a message, or accepting them.
Image standardization functions for Print.

Control of authorized extensions,
colorimetry, accepted minimum resolution, standardization of images (in tif format),
CMYK conversion (ICC profile) and / or automatic 300ppp setting possible.
Original file kept and available.