Plugins for Pimcore

More than just an integrator

The Web To Print allows you to create catalogs, brochures, flyers ... online using only your browser.
No desktop publishing software or special knowledge is required !


By connecting to Pimcore or via an Excel file, and from pre-defined templates, you build your document by dragging / dropping products, texts, images, files, tables… in the different pages.


With the Reseller extension, you easily generate variations of your publications with transplanting of information from your members or distributors (address, logo, etc.).


Pimcore 5, 6, X & Akeneo compatible solution


Complete multichannel publishing solution

Included plugins :

WireFrame : Briefs / chemin de fer for print publications.
Paginate : Automatic placement of products in pages.
Reseller : Automate black transplanting on your flyers. Automatic logo placement, addresses for your members / resellers.
Pim2Print ID : Export your publications for InDesign. Automatic page generation, real-time update, no automation project or templates to do in InDesign.


PimCore plugin to manage
the briefs of your Print publications!

Management of chapters, page templates
Automatic numbering
Railroad mode overview & double pages
PDF preview
History of modifications, restoration
Page reports, production monitoring
Automatic page generation in InDesign
Real-time update, notes, multilingual ...

All the tools to manage your Print publications
and ensure production monitoring.


Automate the variations of your publications
with automatic blackout
for your members, resellers, stores!

Make a brief and place (automatically or automatically) products, PDFs, texts, etc ...
In the pages.

Define the modifiable zones (products and / or product fields), select the members for whom to decline the publication and validate.

The publication is then declined, the data of the members (address, logo, telephone, etc.) are placed automatically and each member is automatically notified of the availability of a publication for him. After personalization, a validation request is made. If the document is validated, it becomes non-modifiable.

Personal space for members,
resellers, etc ... for the modification of information to be placed dynamically.


Automatically generate the briefs for your catalogs from the PIM tree or Excel files.

Create publications with chapters and drag / drop a range, a family on the chapter so that the outline is automatically generated and the products placed on the pages.

Management of different product templates, number of columns per page, chapter label, etc.

Pim2Print ID

Export your catalogs from Pim2Print to InDesign !

Automatic generation of pages on InDesign done upstream on Pim2Print.

No automation project or template
to be created in InDesign.

Update products in real time without losing the graphic modifications made by the graphic designers on InDesign.

Active Search

Search plug-in

Active Search is a PimCore plugin to search for documents, products, files by adding filters to refine your search results.

Active Move Object

Configuration and data movement
in your product tree.