The Web To Print allows you to create catalogs, brochures, flyers ... online using only your browser.

From page template and products, build your document by dragging and dropping in product pages, text, images, files.

You can, therefore, make available to your members, resellers ... editable and customizable documents by ensuring compliance with your graphic charter. Advanced rights management (pages, elements, products ...).

Includes a multilingual single or multiple validation workflow. Notification, versionning ...

No specific software or special knowledge is needed!

Whether catalogs such as "Directory" or any other type of catalog, our tools allow you to place products, PDF ads, images, texts ... freely in the pages and move, resize, change their graphic form, etc ...

Ideal for multilingual publications, creating a flyer or brochure has never been easier.

Preview your pages as they are edited, modify your products, import PDF or Excel files into your documents and validate to obtain the CMYK HD version with or without cutting marks.

  • Management of "Print" image formats: EPS, PSD, TIF, AI ...
  • Support for PDF or "Office" files (Excel, Word, etc.)
  • Rotate, move, and scale items placed on pages
  • Customization of products directly in the pages
    (moving, resizing the blocks that make up a product template)
  • Several product templates possible per page
  • Move product on another page by right click
  • Versioning, validation workflow, notes, page locking, etc.
  • Native CMYK HD PDF export including benchmarks and ICC profile

Do you want to make editable documents available to your members, resellers, etc ...?

  1. Create the Master publication
  2. Define pages, texts, editable images
  3. Make available to your members, a set or a selection of products
  4. Members sign in, personalize authorized pages and information, preview their personalized flyer in PDF and validate it.
  5. You receive the validation request and export directly to PDF HD with markers or generate identically in InDesign for final calibration.

Associated with the Active FrontOffice plugin, offer your users a simplified and user-friendly interface to manage their products, publications, personal information ...