Active BAT - Drop, in PimCore, the generated
pages with InDesign, track corrections and make validations

Drop the generated pages with InDesign in the chapters of the briefs made in PimCore and make your requests for corrections.

After generating pages with InDesign and EasyCatalog, connected to the platform, the graphic designers export the chapter in PDF format, open the draft chapter on the platform and upload the generated PDF (Captures 1 and 2).

The pages of the PDF file are then associated with each page of the brief for annotations (Capture 3)

Available tools are (from left to right): Add notes, add rectangle, highlight, line, add text, pencil tool, undo / redo.

After having annotated the pages, the correctors have only to open the chapter, change the state of the workflow (To correct, for example) and a notification is automatically sent to the graphic designers in charge of the production of the catalog.

Update of all chapter pages, automatic notification (s), request and validation of corrections, page states. The vesionning of PimCore makes it possible to control that the corrections were all made even after update of the page.

With Active BAT, centralize all exchanges, requests for corrections and validations. Look no further than dozens of emails to find a request and check if it was made, for example.

Requires Active WireFrame, included in the Active WebToPrint solution.

Available for PimCore 5 & 6

Price: 999€