Active Paginate
Automate the creation of briefs catalogs

Generate catalog briefs by automatically placing products in pages

Generate briefs for your catalogs by automatically placing products in pages from an Excel file, a tree level, or a PimCore object.

Automatic generation of pages, management of columns, different graphical forms by level
(ranges / sub-ranges / products ...), support for page breaks and chapter headings

Add, delete, move pages & chapters, manage guard pages with graphic change

Features identical to Active WireFrame after generating documents.

Your data is in an Excel file?

Associated with Active Hub, our plugins make it possible to associate the columns of your file with the fields which compose a product (Mapping), to import the data of your file in PimCore, to create products and arborescence present in your file, to generate a publication and place the products created in the pages.

Providing additional features, this plugin requires the installation of Active WireFrame.

Available for PimCore 5, 6 & X