Active Resellers
Automate the repiquate to black of your publications in 3 clicks

Automate the blacking out of your catalogs, flyers, etc ...

Duplicate, with a few clicks, publications for your members, points of sale, etc ...

Possibility to authorize the modification of certain values ​​(Prices, for example) or pages, products ...

- Black-out data (address, hours ...) and automatic notification.
- Validation workflow.
- Update data in real time.
(Any modification of the publication "Master" is immediately available on the whole
- Direct export in CMYK PDF with markers from PimCore.
- Management of CMYK values, Pantones, black 100%, funds lost, etc ...

When editable data has been defined, just click on the "Declare Publication" button

Select all or some of the members, stores, etc ... and validate

In a few seconds, a variation is made for each of the selected members with,
for each, the store information, for example, placed automatically.

A personal space is available for everyone and allows to modify the information to insert (logo, address, phone, etc ...)

Available for PimCore 5, 6 & X (Requires Active WireFrame plugin)