Active Wireframe - Managing Briefs for Publications Print

Manage your publication briefs and automatically generate pages in InDesign


Create your catalogs, including chapters, pages, cover ... and drag and drop products, ads and files into pages.

Move, rotate, resize placed elements
Different templates produced.
Real time preview of pages, chapters, catalogs. Notes, versionning, automatic generation of EAN / QR codes

Reduce the back and forth between production and marketing. When a product is placed in a page, it appears with the shape it will have in the final catalog and allows to see the place it needs in the page. Resize and move your products to get a realistic overview of the content of the pages.

Preview pages, chapters, catalogs  Make content corrections even before the catalog is started. Correct the texts, change the photos, etc ... Update the preview in real time.

Ability to integrate Office type files (doc (x), xsl (x), ppt (x), otf, etc ...) and PDF in corporate pages, ads, etc ...

Post notes for graphic designers, contractors or collaborators. Versioning pages, chapters, catalogs to restore an earlier version of an item.

Start editing your pages in InDesign before you've even finished your journey.



  • Creation of catalogs, chapters, pages
  • Move, delete, add pages or chapters
  • Automatic placement of products in pages
  • Management of page breaks to change range, family, etc ... with placement of a graphic form (cover page, for example)
  • Automatic alternation template product according to the page (Left / Right)
  • Automatic numbering
  • Resizing and free positioning of elements in pages
  • Several graphic forms produced in the same pages
  • Customizing graphic shapes directly in pages (resizing and moving the blocks that make up a product template)
  • Inserting PDF or Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) into the pages
  • Manage "Print" images: PSD, TIF, EPS, AI ...
  • Different page templates
  • Preview, in real time, of your catalogs, chapters, pages in PDF format
  • Versionning: Keep a history of changes made and restore an earlier version, if needed
  • Notes for graphic designers or collaborators


*Creative Commons License By-NC: Authorizes redistribution, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, as long as the work is unaltered and in its entirety, with attribution and quote from the author (Open-source release)


  • Available for PimCore 5, 6 & X Compatible with PDF Reactor
  • Included in the PIM2Print solution!                     
  • Open-Source* version features
    - Publication creation, chapters, pages
    - Product placement and manual elements in pages
    - Automatic page numbering, Zoom, PDF preview
  • Pro and Enterprise version features
    - All the functions present in the open-sources version plus:
    -Movement, resizing of the products and the blocks that compose them
    - Quick change of product template
    - Quick product movement on another page
    - Native CMYK PDF Export with pantones, black 100%... (Entreprise only)

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