Pim2Print ID

Easily export your catalogs from PIM2Print to InDesign.

Pim2Print allows you to create and manage publication briefs intended for Print.

When pages, chapters or publications are validated after checking, Pim2Print allows the page or pages to be exported for InDesign (1).

After installing the plugin in InDesign, a menu automatically generates one or more pages. The graphic designer just has to select the exported file and the pages are generated automatically.

Once the pages have been generated, the graphic designers can arrange them, resize and / or move the blocks, change the text attributes (fonts, size, colors, etc.), add manual elements, etc.

An update file for InDesign can be exported from the Pim2Print solution and selected so that the update is done in the same way as the generation file.

Shape corrections are kept and data is updated.

Other auto-layout plugins for InDesign - the most widely used being EasyCatalog - require configuration, or even creation, of an automation project, stencils, and templates produced in InDesign.

Pim2Print ID does not need anything. All you have to do is select the file exported from the Pim2Print solution, and the plugin creates the pages in the right format, generates the graphic forms of the products (without limit of graphic forms), creates the styles of paragraphs and objects. There is no synchronization to do and pages are generated in record time.

As additional tools, the plugin adds a history function to InDesign which, unlike Photoshop for example, does not allow you to return to X actions directly without doing X CTRL + Z.

Pim2Print ID is compatible with all InDesign CC Mac & PC versions.