Scripts for Adobe InDesign

Collection of scripts

Based on our needs and those of our customers, we write InDesign scripts to automate tasks and save time.


If you regularly perform repetitive or recurring tasks, do not hesitate to contact us
so that we can offer you a solution that will handle these manipulations for you.


Our scripts are also used together with EasyCatalog automation projects to generate,
for example, all renewals of a catalog in 9 languages with less than 6 clicks ...


Run your script, select the EasyCatalog automation project, the directory containing the files
to be translated, the directory in which to place the translated files and validate.


Let InDesign work, the processing time is proportional to the number of pages,
and check your translated files a few minutes later.

Active Tab2Text

Quickly convert your tables to text

1. Select the block containing the table to convert
2. Run the script
3. The table is converted to text.

Lines are replaced by line breaks and columns by tabs.

Active ImportPage

Import the contents of an InDesign page, from a file, into another InDesign file.

Keeping EasyCatalog Field Markers for Updating Post Import Data

1. Run the script
2. Select the file containing the page to import
3. Select the page number to import
4. Choose where to import the content of the page (timeline, active page, page X ...)
5. Validate

Active NumPageToText

Convert dynamic page numbers to static text for XML export

By default, InDesign does not allow to export some meta-characters or dynamic values (text variables, conditional text ...) in XML format.

To get around this, just use this script

1. In the "Pages" palette, release all elements of the templates (if your page numbers are placed in the template)
2. Run the script
3. The dynamic text is now static
4. Associate the page numbers with an XML tag so that the values are present in the export

Be careful, after running the script, if you change a page number in the Page palette, the numbering will not update anymore.

Active StylesImport

Script pour importer tous types de styles (objets, paragraphes, caractères, tableaux, cellules) depuis un document InDesign dans un autre en une seule manipulation.

Choix du comportement si style existant (renomme, remplace...) et différentes options

Besoin d'un script personnalisé ?