Content Management & Multichannel Publications

PimCore - PIM / DAM / CMS / MDM professional and 100% open-source

Centralize your editorial content, products, media, mailings, newsletters, e-commerce sites, catalogs, brochures, etc ... on a single platform and pool your resources to different services and / or providers.

PimCore is the only open-source solution that combines all the advanced features needed for multi-channel publishing content management, but usually requires the use of multiple applications.

Very often, the websites are managed in a CMS, type Magento, the media (images, videos, audios) use a DAM (MarcomCentral, BrandFolder ...) and the data produced in a PIM, an ERP, such Hybris , SAP, etc ...

This involves making exports or setting up synchronizations so that these different solutions communicate with each other.

In fact, there is often a gap between the modification of a data and its availability on the various broadcast channels, the time to export or synchronize, or even differences in data from a platform to the other.

PimCore allows you to gather all this data and manage your products, editorial content, websites, mailings, newsletters, etc ... with all the advanced features present in the various open-source professional solutions or not .

Associated with our plugins, the management of the briefs Print, catalogs, flyers ... and the WebToPrint functionalities (layout and PDF PDF HD Print) are available thus making of PimCore, the only solution allowing to manage your data on all the channels without InDesign server or additional applications.

More than an integrator, all our projects are based on PimCore and our teams only work with this platform, which makes Active Publishing, one of the actors who best master this solution.

Official partner, we have special relationships with Element GmbH, publisher of PimCore, who appreciate and follow our work closely.

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