Beginners or experts
Training for all levels.

InDesign, Easycatalog & Pimcore

Active Publishing offers training on InDesign, Easycatalog & Pimcore to meet all of your needs. Depending on your prerequisites, our training courses have different objectives for all levels.


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Training - Level 1

  • Browse basic plug-in functions for layout automation.

Training - Level 2

  • Browse the plug-in's advanced features for the automation of layout and more complex documents.

Adobe InDesign

InDesign training

  • Initiation, deepening, advanced ...


Pimcore training - Level 1

  • Learn about the user-side features of the Pimcore content management system.

Pimcore training - Level 2

  • Know the advanced functions of Pimcore, be autonomous in the creation of templates.

Pimcore training - Level 3

  • Master Pimcore, its environment, its advanced functions (expert level): creation of templates, controllers, class.