Manage Print drafts

Active Publishing is not an integrator of different solutions or applications.

We use our platform connected to PimCore or Akeneo, on all of our projects and are specialized in the automation of catalogs, prospectuses, brochures, guides ...


Our graphic designers produce Print documents using InDesign, and the EasyCatalog or Pim2Print plugin,
connected to our editorial platform (PIM, DAM, CMS, MDM & Web2Print) or any other data sources
(Excel, XML, BDD ...), while our developers implement plugins and functionalities to propose a solution allowing the production of your brochures, catalogs, etc ...
directly from your browser by exporting to PDF HD Print (WebToPrint)


Our plugins make PimCore, the only solution for

manage your catalogs, brochures, magazines... wireframes, or Print pitch, but also

products (PIM), medias (DAM), mailings, newsletters and websites (CMS)

Automatic product placement function in pages.

Automatic generation of pages in InDesign
CMYK HD PDF export with markers,

Production monitoring with notifications, validations, etc ...

Native InDesign export

Akeneo compatibility


Thus, the number of exchanges is reduced, the risk of errors greatly minimized,
production times and costs decrease by at least 30%, on average.


La Redoute WebToPrint


Our solution is available in 3 versions:
SMB: All features included, HD PDF by RGB / CMYK conversion, limited to 10 publication by year
Professional: All features included, HD PDF by RGB / CMYK conversion

Enterprise: All features included, PDF HD CMYK / Pantone native, include 3 Pim2Print plugin for InDesign licences


Publications Print, E-Shops sites, mailings, newsletters ...

All PIM, Print, Web and Web To Print features centralized on the same platform


Some news about our plugins, projects, recruitments, etc ...

Demo Server available

Finally, our demo server is open.

It's been a few months since we wanted to open our demo server

to allow everyone to test our plugins and the different features available


A short video presentation is available, we strongly advise you to watch it

before you log in and try our solution, in addition to the "Quick Start Guide"

which will guide you, step by step, in the creation of your first publication.


Access the demo


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any difficulties of use

Decline your publications in a few clicks

From a master publication, define the editable data
by your members, resellers ... and decline it for everyone.

Black transplanting (address, hours ...) and automatic notifications

Workflow with validation, direct export in CMYK PDF with markers from PimCore

Management of CMYK values, Pantones, 100% black, overflows ...

All available PDF export options

Video presentation:

Vos prospectus déclinés en moins de 5mn pour des centaines de magasin

Active Publishing available in Poland

Partner for several years, the company Robokat,
based in Dzierżoniów, becomes our official reseller for Poland.

Specialized in setting up websites, E-Commerce or not,
and in automation for the Print, using our products, Robokat
is a powerful digital agency as well as an integrator

 of PimCore and Active Publishing solutions


Robokat - Rynek 55, 58-200 Dzierżoniów - +48 71 718 11 92

Print Production

We design your catalogs, brochures ...?
Manage your products and the railways of your catalogs on our platform for free!
PDF Print, InDesign Assemblies & Flipbook

EasyCatalog / InDesign

EasyCatalog automatic layout
on any kind of data sources
Training - Support
Projects delivered "Ready to use"

PIM / DAM / CMS / WebToPrint

PIM2Print for Pimcore and Akeneo.
Catalogs, brochures .. from your browser!
Offer your members, resellers ...
personalized and editable documents

Case Studies

PIM, Print, Web, WebToPrint ... Discover the possibilities of our solution
on different types of projects and the benefits provided

La redoute

Publications automation Print
in 9 languages and currencies

More informations

Chocolats Weiss

Product Management - PDF Recipe Sheets
Automatic Layout

More informations

BigOne / TCL

Generating stop cards and time guides in PDF Print
Limoges Public Transport

More informations

Pimcore Plugins

Plugins for open-source content management PimCore v5 to v6, our products extend its functionality to the needs of "Print": Briefs catalogs, automatic placement of products in pages, automatic generation of pages in InDesign, PDF export HD CMYK with or without markers, followed by proofs and corrections, WebToPrint (editable & customizable documents), multilingual validation workflow, multi-site and e-commerce management, mailings, newsletters ...

PIM, DAM, CMS, MDM and WebToPrint, all tools to manage products and publications on all media!


Pimcore plugin for the fast implementation of Front-Offices, customizable, allowing the management of documents, products and media.

Quick configuration interface for logo change, colors, selection of elements to manage
and product structure (Classes),
media documents (Assets)

Separate management of Print documents
(Publications wireframes & WebToPrint)
and Web (Mailings, Newsletters), product editing, adding / deleting images,
Office files, PDF, etc ...


Complete multichannel publishing solution

Include all our plugins

WireFrame: Briefs / Wireframes Print
Paginate: Automatically placing products in pages
Reseller: Automate black transplanting on your flyers. Automatic placement of logo, addresses ...
ID Export: Export your publications for InDesign. Automatic page generation, real-time update, no automation project or templates to do in InDesign.


View the generated pages in InDesign
directly in the draft of your publication.

The design of a catalog involves many exchanges, by mail, to manage the corrections, validate the pages, etc ... with sometimes loss of time to find an e-mail received or sent, a files ...

Active BAT allows graphic designers to upload the pages or chapters of a catalog directly into their draft and, thus, easily find an earlier version, ask and see the corrections ...

In short, save time and avoid the risk of errors.


Customer Testimonials

End-users, it's our customers who talk best about our solutions and services

"At our listening, Active Publishing teams meet our expectations

in a professional, innovative and responsive way.

Their advice, technical solutions and training, always provided

in a good mood, have made our collaboration a success.

In short: real pros! "

Serge Tenèze - Agency manager

"As a "historic" B to C tour operator created in 1971,
our catalog is an important communication medium for our customers.
The collaboration with ActivePublishing, which has been producing it for 4 years,
gave us satisfaction with a clear improvement in our productivity:
DAM functions, easy catalog draft management, Flipbook of our catalogs.

We were able to establish a constructive dialogue with ActivePublishing
who has taken into account our needs and the specificity of our profession.

Our collaboration has expanded to the production of our detailed and personalized
programs, automatically available on our website."

Denis Falque-Pierrotin - Deputy director at Explorator

"Beyond, a partner,
Active Publishing is above all a successful collaboration.

Listening and the great adaptability of the team

have participated in the success of our business project.

Their professionalism combined with an innovative tool, ensure success! "

Lætitia Menard - Web Marketing Manager
Cosnet Industries




pimcore projects





Stay informed !

PimCore - EasyCatalog - PDF Reactor

Specialist and official reseller


EasyCatalog for InDesign

Automation on multiple data sources

Automation projects "Ready to use"

Trainings all levels
Support and documentation in French & English


Available on PimCore, v5 & v6

Manage your products, assets, documents.
Create your print drafts and export them directly to PDF CMYK HD Print or genrerate automaticly the pages, chapters in InDesign 

PDF Reactor

In order to offer options, such as Pantones, 100% black, trapping information, colorimetry, etc ... for the generation of PDF Print, our solution integrates the PDF Reactor library that ensures optimal generation of PDF files.

Using Native CMYK Values & Optimizing Performance (No Conversion)


Production, support, development ... Our teams are based in Chasseneuil du Poitou, Paris and Lille

We process your requests in the day

Possibility of end user support support with dedicated green no.

French or English




224 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine

75012 Paris
+33 (0)1 83 79 02 05

PAO / EasyCatalog

Print Production - EasyCatalog projects - InDesign scripts

PimCore & Plugins

Active WebToPrint Support

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Administratif /  Commercial

Training, invoices...

Distant presentations



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